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Welcome to the website of Shandong Dingma Bio-tech Co., Ltd. On behalf of the staff of our company, I’d like to express our sincere thanks and high respect to you.

As time goes by, our company has passed through 20 years with glory. Thanks to your support and struggles of all our employees, our company has grown into a national leading enterprise in agriculture industrialization that combines protospecies protection of wild turtleselite breeding of Dingma Turtles, green cultivation, bio-feed production, deep processing and cultivating cooperatives of Dingma Turtles and a model enterprise of technological innovation in Shandong. Besides, it has also developed into a national protospecies farm of Chinese turtles, a national standardized model base of cultivation, national model base of processing industry for agricultural products and national model base of green agriculture. Our company has won 28 national certificates and awards, as well as 27 provincial certificates and awards.

Over the years, adhering to the core concept of Dingma Company, Green and healthy, our company has always been applying its Dingma Turtles as a type of traditional Chinese medicine. By taking Do our Business with Honesty to Serve Our Community as our purpose and Inherit our National Industry to make us an international brand as our target, we have been assuming the responsibility of human health. By cooperating with the General Hospital of PLA and China Research Center for Meat Products, we, using Dingma Turtles, a National Geographical Indication Protection Product and the first Level-A green food in China’s aquatic products, as the raw material and taking the new idea of health maintenance into account, have adopted the most advanced modern biotechnology at home and abroad to produce nourishing, ready-to-use, instant frozen and fresh products with over 30 types, which are of high nourishing and officinal value. Many of these products have filled in the gaps of the market at home and abroad. We are firmly convinced that Dingma Turtles will offer you heath, longevity and joy.

For now, the new green bio-feed construction project, which has been approved and is the first of China, has entered batch production phase. With high-spirited attitude, Dingma Bio-tech Co., Ltd is moving toward the first-class integrated modern bio-tech group.

Thank you for your support, we wish to create a glorious future with you. May you happy, prosperous and lucky!